Afghan spice blends
for the modern home chef

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Carefully crafted, easy to use

I’ve eliminated all of the guesswork by blending together the perfect amount of spices for today's busy home cooks. Simply mix an entire spice kit with one pound of your favorite protein or vegetables and enjoy!

Perfected over generations

Over the past few years I’ve mastered my family's complex recipes that were passed down to me from my mother and grandmothers. Now I’m sharing my modernized remix so you can experience traditional Afghan cuisine in your own home.

Supports Afghan women

Now more than ever there is an urgent need to support women in Afghanistan. A portion of every JAHAN purchase will be donated to Women for Women International’s emergency response to the dire situation in Afghanistan, providing garden kits, cash transfers, and psychological first aid for women in need.

Home chefs love Jahan

I tried Spicy Street Kabob on cast-iron steak with broccoli. A unique blend of spices turned an ordinary meal into something crave-worthy.


I couldn't believe that I could make such incredible dishes in my own kitchen using these spice kits! With Jahan I'm now excited to cook at home.


I am so impressed with the versatility of Jahan spice kits! I love to use the Savory Tandoori Kabob on anything from chicken to veggies.


I've enjoyed every blend I've tried. These mixes satisfy my craving for the rich central asian flavors i've recently been missing.


I'm an amateur in the kitchen, but these spice kits have elevated my cooking! The variety is perfect to keep my meals exciting.